Thursday, May 21, 2015

Oh, Show Up!

We've all experienced it; people sometime just don't show up.  These are some of the prime times you might experience no-shows:

  • for a meeting
  • for a party/dinner
  • to help with a project
  • to exercise
  • to take you to an appointment
  • to repair something for you (some of the worst offenders)
  • to take you on a date
  • for a day out
You also might not hear back from RSVPs.  Usually that means they're not coming, but sometimes they do show up.  And, finally, there are those people who don't return texts, emails, or phone calls. 

All aggrevating, for sure.

So, what to do about this?  Well, if it's the first time the person has blown you off, it's best to forget about it rather than risk tainting relations. Maybe they didn't get your invitation or message.  It could have gotten lost in the mail or in the wilds of cyberspace.  Maybe they had an emergency come up at the last minute and didn't have time to contact you.  Those things happen.

But if it's happened multiple times, consider talking to the person in private about it.  Is there a problem?  Did they get the message?  Was there a mix up on dates?  And if it's a contractor, call him on the carpet about it.  Let him know that no-shows are not tolerated.  Your time is valuable. If this plumber, carpenter, or painter were trustworthy and reliable,  he would have let you know he was going to be late or had to change the day of service.  If he can't make a point to show up on time, how can you trust him to do a good job?  Ditch him.

But, what about friends, relatives, and acquaintances?  It's nice to be understanding--to a point.  But, if someone keeps blowing you off, it's time to distance yourself from that person.  Next time you host a party, leave them off the guest list.  If your date calls you up for yet another chance, say no.  If your usual ride calls at some point, again, and promises to take you to your next appointment, again,  be ready with an alternate driver and decline.  Maybe it will be their wake up call to start acting more responsibly; maybe not.  You'll find out.  

You need genuine, reliable, honest, trustworthy people in your life.  Work hard to make it happen.  Don't settle for people you can't count on--in your personal life or business--just because you'd feel guilty for cutting ties. 

Have you got a "no-show" story to tell?  I'd love to hear it.  Leave a message below or email me at  You can also contact me via my website:  Take care.

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