Thursday, July 27, 2017

Vlog: Lived In or Cluttered?

Is your home lived in or cluttered?  Or, is it really neat and tidy?  I consider our home lived in while Jim tends to think it's cluttered.  I've been to cluttered homes.  Ours isn't cluttered.  Cluttered homes have stuff EVERYWHERE.  There's no place to sit, hardly a place to stand.  Books, magazines, old pizza boxes, and broken toys everywhere.  That's not our house.  Lived in means, maybe you leave a glass out on the counter.  It'll get picked up when you wash the dishes in the evening.  Or you leave a project out that you're in the middle of working on.  Or you leave a book lying on the sofa that you'll return to tomorrow.  We have six cats and a parrot.  There is no way that our house is going to be pristine.  It's lived in.  I grew up in a lived in house and I liked it that way.  So, I'm carrying on the tradition.  You can wear your shoes in our house (well, unless they are muddy, but that just makes common sense to remove muddy shoes.), you can eat and drink in any room in the house.  We are flexible and relaxed about that.  I understand that other people have their own opinions and ways of doing things and that is fine; this is just the way we do it. 

What is your take on this topic?  Is your home "lived in," "cluttered," or "neat and tidy?"  

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