Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Abilities Coaching: What'cha Think?

With the talk of labels in Monday's post, Stick Your Neck Out From the Wolf Pack, I got to thinking about my special needs coaching service.  Do I really want that to be the name of it?  "Special needs" is a label, and one that makes others stick out when maybe they wouldn't appreciate it.  I know that when I was younger especially, I wanted nothing more than to fit in, not stick out.  But do we really stick out when we're dealing with health issues?  After all, we all have special needs when it comes right down to it.  Each of us has our own special requirements to be happy, live healthfully, and spur us on toward our dreams.  People don't have to have health issues to have special needs.  We're all special.

I hadn't stopped to think when I chose the label.  People use it all the time to describe individuals who have chronic health issues due to birth defects and other problems.  It's just another label for people who are born with or develop disorders, disabilities, syndromes and the like; similar to "retarded," "handicapped," "crippled," and "mentally or physically challenged," which have been used over the years to discribe the same segment of the population. 

So, if I don't want to call my service "special needs coaching," what should I call it?  I bounced several ideas around in my head--difficulties coaching, support coaching and the like.  But those didn't quite fit the bill either.  Then it hit me--Abilities Coaching!  Okay, so everyone has abilities, but this would be my "label" for the type of coaching focused on helping people who have chronic health issues concentrate on finding, embracing and celebrating their abilities; concentrating on what these individuals can do rather than what they can't do.  

So, did I nail it?  Is this a keeper?  Do you have any other suggestions on what's better to call this coaching service?  Do you think it's a mistake to change it?  Let me hear your suggestions and views on the issue.  Thanks!  I hope you're having a great week.


  1. Sounds wonderful, Amy. I'm sure you'll do great.

  2. Thanks Corinne. It's fun so far and very interesting. So, do you like "Abilities Coaching" better than "Special Needs Coaching?" Have a great day!